What Are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them?

Let’s say that you’ve done a fantastic job of creating a great website that is user friendly and adheres to good SEO practices. Job well done, right? Well, not just yet.

Once you have built a solid website, it’s important that other well-respected websites confirm that you have worthwhile content for Google to recognize. Think of it like quality assurance for Google and other search engines: if an authoritative website says that your website has quality content worth sharing and reading, then Google can verify that your website is everything it says it is. And how do websites build each other’s reputations? Backlinks.

Backlink is simply a word that means a hyperlink on a website that goes back to your website, such as a linked word that takes someone to a related blog article on your site. So how do you acquire backlinks?

A good way to acquire backlinks is to reach out to leaders and businesses is related fields and ask if they would be able to republish one or two of your blog articles, or provide links to them on your own site. You can also offer to do the same for them to help them benefit from a backlink to their website. Just make sure that you are respectful and only ask them to link to pages that are relevant to their needs.

Another way to get quality links is to take part in community events or volunteer work. Sponsoring or donating services can help you get mentioned (and linked) on the websites of these organizations and even local newspapers. These types of backlinks are really good for supporting local SEO!

Finally, be on the lookout for chances to write guest blogs on important sites. You’ll be able to show off your know-how in the industry and provide a link to your website or blog in the author bio.

Just like any good SEO practice, there is no shortcut to getting quality backlinks. Steer clear of any site that offers to link to yours in exchange for money because there’s a good chance that Google knows what they are doing and can actually count that link against your ranking. Just keep producing quality content and making connections with authoritative figures in your field and trust that the rest will come with time!

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