An arm, a leg, your first-born child… some website design businesses want you to believe that you need to sacrifice the world to get a competitive website for your new small business. They tell you that you’ll need a super-cool, ultra-modern logo, pages of top-notch content, attention grabbing images, plus blog articles and social media links. Well, they are right about all of that. But what many website design firms are wrong about is the price.

It is possible to get a custom website design that is optimized for viewing on desktop and mobile devices without learning how to do all the design work and coding yourself. Even small business owners who have just taken the plunge and haven’t begun to turn a profit can afford a team of professionals with SEO experience and marketing know-how.

With R&A’s Small Business Package, entrepreneurs like yourself will receive a custom logo design, a 100% custom built website, hosting, support, business cards, and an animated explainer video about your company! That’s everything you need to get your business up and running at one affordable price!

Why choose the Small Business Package?

Instead of relying on multiple freelance designers or trying to create your own website and logo using inferior software (seriously, don’t do that), you can let R&A do all the heavy lifting. With over 30 years’ experience in marketing and design, R&A has a team of experts that can design a website that is optimized for Google searches and driving customer conversions.

Break it down. What’s included with a custom website from R&A?

When beginning a new web design for a client, R&A gathers some information about the business. This allows them to create a personalized About Us page, logo design, Frequently Asked Questions page, blog, privacy statement, ecommerce site, and more. Using high-end templates within WordPress, R&A creates as many pages as necessary to ensure that your website design has good SEO and user experience. From font selection to embedded videos, R&A does everything it takes to get your business on the map.

Plus, R&A also provides unique business cards and a short explainer video designed to help you promote your business in person and on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. And if you don’t have a domain registered for your website, R&A will take care of that for you too! What could be more simple?

Let R&A handle the website design, you focus on what YOU do best!

Whether you’re opening a restaurant, starting a non-profit, or turning to hobby into a full-time job, chances are you’re not also an expert in web design. And you don’t have to be! Let R&A worry about the search engines and online advertising.

With the Small Business Package, you’ll know that you are getting quality service and dependable customer support. That’s a far better solution than trying to juggle multiple freelancers who don’t communicate with one another. And the best part? You own your website. R&A is just there to help you with optional hosting and customer support service.

Ready to get started? Contact an R&A representative to discuss your needs. We’re excited to design an affordable website for your small business that will deliver customers right to you!