Facebook sees 3.2 billion likes and comments each day

Facebook is now using Infographics to promote advertising on the largest social network in the world. With a low stock price, and no bottom in site, the pressure is on for Facebook to promote the benefits of its advertising product. Some of the highlights include: Touting Facebook as the number one social network (more people,

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Photos, Videos Are The Best Way To Tell Stories On Facebook [Infographic]

What better way to discuss the impact of photos on Facebook and other social networks than with a colorful infographic? Global communications company M Booth teamed up with media measurement and analytics outfit Simply Measured to bring their point home. Among the data cited by M Booth and Simply Measured: Videos are shared 12 times

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20 Fascinating Stats About Facebook

Facebook is experiencing a topsy-turvy year. The social network has reached nearly 1 billion users worldwide, yet reports have suggested its growth in the U.S. has slowed. With much fanfare it went public in May, but its stock price has fallen to new lows. After some brands' executives questioned the effectiveness of Facebook advertising—chiefly General Motors—the

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