9 Tips for Being Seen and Heard Through the Noise of Facebook

Facebook is constantly iterating so it can be tough to stay on top of trends. That’s why resources like Social Fresh are essential to anyone in a social marketing role. Between nuances like, and knowing when they combine recent and top news, it can be overwhelming. At least one thing remains the same, bad content

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The Difference Between Content that Hits or Misses is…

“Content is king, marketing is Queen, and your blog is their castle”. It was former Salesforce Social Media Director and now startup of Addvocate, Marcus Nelson, who stated this. And though I agree, I would add an element that sustains it all… Context. Context is the “story” told: “how will your widget help me?”; “why

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4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Website Traffic

Jason Crawford, president of the Parts and Service division of Block Imaging, was upstaged by his six-year-old daughter. In her ponytailed debut on the Block Blog, Crawford asked her, “Madeleine, do you know how to fix a laser aimer?”, to which she confidently replied, “Yes!” The pair then demonstrated with charming aplomb a simple troubleshooting

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Worst Case Scenario: Dealing With Bad-For-Business Situations Online

They say that to appreciate the good days, you need to go through a few bad ones. This applies to both your personal life AND your business. Sometimes a situation arises in retail where you need to do some damage control. The good news is that you can often use a bad situation to show

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7 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

An effective small business website can help you improve search engine optimization, boost credibility, and drive conversions from your potential customers. But how can you know that your website has all the right elements to be effective? Start by understanding these basics of an effective small business website.  1) A Good Domain Name The URL,

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Photos, Videos Are The Best Way To Tell Stories On Facebook [Infographic]

What better way to discuss the impact of photos on Facebook and other social networks than with a colorful infographic? Global communications company M Booth teamed up with media measurement and analytics outfit Simply Measured to bring their point home. Among the data cited by M Booth and Simply Measured: Videos are shared 12 times

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