Marketing In The Palm Of Your Hand

We live in a world of reach, mobility, content and social urge. Mobile goes everywhere you go. People are spending more times on their phones than ever before. In fact 55% of cell phone owners say that their cell phone is a “smartphone”. In fact some experts say that by the end of 2014 mobile

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Be Ready, Here Comes the Mobile Shopper

Did you know that there was a 103% growth in website traffic from smartphones from 2011-2012 (Source: Hubspot), plus US consumers spend almost 1 in every 10 ecommerce dollars using a mobile device (Source: Hubspot)? With that being said retailers need to understand how the growing popularity of mobile can hurt and help your store.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Have you considered a mobile marketing campaign? Facts are facts; there are more people in the world that own a cell phone than a toothbrush (source: Mobile Marketing Association of Asia). Below are some pros and cons of mobile marketing that you may consider as you decide whether a mobile campaign is right for you.

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Dunkin’ Donuts App Lets You Buy Coffee For a Friend

Dunkin’ Donuts has one-upped rival Starbucks with a new mobile app that lets you buy a coffee for a friend. The Dunkin’ app allows you send $2 to $100 to friends to buy Dunkin’ goods via text, email or Facebook. Though Starbucks doesn’t yet offer that feature, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have experimented with a

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10 Essential Tablet Apps for Business

Scott Gerber is the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a nonprofit organization that promotes youth entrepreneurship as a solution to unemployment and underemployment. Follow him @askgerber. It’s not just customers who are drifting away from their laptops and desktops to do everything on mobile devices. More and more, entrepreneurs are cutting the bulky power

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Get on the Mobile Commerce Train

Before it leaves the station… and leaves you behind There’s never been a better time to get on the mobile commerce (also known as ‘mCommerce’) train. It’s an emerging field, with emerging technology and incredible opportunity for retailers. First things first—what the heck is mobile commerce, anyway? Mobile commerce is the buying and selling of

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