A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing

If you've been avoiding mobile marketing as part of your overall advertising strategy, you're already falling behind your competitors. With mobile device usage on the rise, most companies have already incorporated forms of mobile advertising as part of their campaigns. So whether you're just getting started with mobile marketing or you've been trying it

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Get into the consumers home and you win

Recently, we just had a client increase their traffic by 31% verses last year. Yes, that is right…31%. Why an increase in traffic? We made a concentrated effort to get into the home of the consumer, whether it was through print or online, we wanted to make sure the consumer got the message in the

Tracking your SMS Campaign

The most important aspect of running any advertising campaign is finding a way to measure its performance. Without measurable results, you risk wasting money on ineffective campaigns while missing out on easy opportunities to maximize the campaigns t hat do work. Tracking data allows marketers to monitor a campaign’s ongoing performance and then make informed

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Have you considered a mobile marketing campaign? Facts are facts; there are more people in the world that own a cell phone than a toothbrush (source: Mobile Marketing Association of Asia). Below are some pros and cons of mobile marketing that you may consider as you decide whether a mobile campaign is right for you.

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