Get into the consumers home and you win

Recently, we just had a client increase their traffic by 31% verses last year. Yes, that is right…31%. Why an increase in traffic? We made a concentrated effort to get into the home of the consumer, whether it was through print or online, we wanted to make sure the consumer got the message in the

Check-In Services: Facebook or Foursquare?

Location-based services are becoming a huge trend in social media, especially with how your customers are shopping and utilizing the service. With so many service options, marketers have a lot to choose from. Two major contenders are Facebook and Foursquare, but which one is best for business? Users As reported in early 2012, Foursquare had

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Facebook Insights Explained Pt2 – Negative Feedback

Oh the dreadful horror of negative feedback on Facebook! It’s hard enough to get your customers to engage with your business, but not engaging at all is better than negative engagement. If you’re not aware of Facebook’s Negative Feedback insight, then you are probably asking yourself, “How is that possible?” It’s possible because Facebook considers

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7 ways to successfully promote your Facebook contest

Running a contest on Facebook is a powerful and effective approach in building buzz, awareness, and engagement as well as generating more fans. As beneficial as it may seem, Facebook contests can only be effective if it is properly promoted. Just as managing a Facebook page is not as simple as people think, running a

Facebook rolls out ‘want’ button for brands

It’s one thing to like something. It’s another to want it. And soon on Facebook, you’ll be able to express that desire when it comes to a variety of products. Facebook is calling it Collections, and it is apparently a response to Pinterest’s growing popularity. "People will be able to engage with these collections and

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Adjusting Your Social Media For Facebook’s Business Timelines

The current complaint around the water cooler in most social media marketers cube is the change of Facebook book fan pages to the infamous and not quite so popular Timeline.  On a personal page, the Timeline is a great way to organize your life events and really just create your own story, but for businesses,

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Facebook sees 3.2 billion likes and comments each day

Facebook is now using Infographics to promote advertising on the largest social network in the world. With a low stock price, and no bottom in site, the pressure is on for Facebook to promote the benefits of its advertising product. Some of the highlights include: Touting Facebook as the number one social network (more people,

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Facebook Offers Are No Longer Free

Increasing revenue is agenda item one, two, and three at Facebook HQ these days. As part of that goal of the recently public company, Facebook will no longer allow merchants to publish offers (coupon posts) without purchasing at least $5 worth of advertising to accompany the offer. Previously, Facebook pages that were defined as local

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9 Tips for Being Seen and Heard Through the Noise of Facebook

Facebook is constantly iterating so it can be tough to stay on top of trends. That’s why resources like Social Fresh are essential to anyone in a social marketing role. Between nuances like, and knowing when they combine recent and top news, it can be overwhelming. At least one thing remains the same, bad content

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What the Future of Facebook Psychographics Could Mean

If you don’t know who Marty Weintraubis, you need to. Start with this fantastic post today on SEOmoz. You’ll quickly see why he’s one of the leading thinkers in online marketing. Personally, I’ve enjoyed his presentations immensely both at PubCon and through the Facebook Ads conference recently held by Social Fresh. Why? Marty’s agency (AimClear)

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