Founded in 2010, Instagram made its Olympic debut at the 2012 summer games with the help of a rogue crowd of photographers. Although London officials tried their best to stop them, spectators, athletes, and reporters tagged more than 64,000 photos from Olympic venues on the photo-sharing site, according to a new report.

For copyright reasons, London’s event organizers originally banned ticket holders from sharing images, videos, or audio recordings on social networks.  But enforcing this rule proved to be impossible, not to mention unnecessary, with so many people sharing photos on social networks for personal reasons rather than commercial use.

The athletes and other participants were also allowed to use social media at the games, provided they follow the proper guidelines.

To see the games through their eyes, social media engagement and monitoring firm VenueSeen analyzed geo-tagged and hashtagged photos from the 2012 Olympics on Instagram and loaded the results into the infographic below. Titled “Instagold,” the infographic shows the top Olympic venues, athletes, celebrities, and hashtags on Instagram for 2012.

Posted on by Devon Glenn on August 10, 2012 4:00 PM