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OK, put yourself in your prospects’ shoes.  You’re immersed in technology and checking multiple devices almost non-stop for both entertainment and business purposes.  And you still enjoy the big screen TV experience at home and might even read a couple special interest magazines to keep up on topics of intense interest.  In the process of doing all this your prospects are literally bombarded with promotional messages of some type and often have the ability to delete them before they are seen in their entirety.

So how on Earth can you get your message to stand out from the crowd?  There is no sure-fire answer to that question but there are some things you can do to give your messages a better chance.

1 – Know your audience.  How do they think and behave?  What media do they use (remember the phrase “the medium is the message”?).  Most important, what do the need and want as it pertains to your product or service?  Without this information you start with 2 strikes.

2 – Be relevant.  See #1 for guidance and make sure the message is in sync.

3 – Be focused on the most important communications point.  The natural tendency is to try to say everything…in which case you usually actually communicate nothing at all.  Identify the single most important thing you have to say to meet your prospects’ need and separate you from your competition.

4 – Be brilliant.  I mention this fourth only because it is the hardest to achieve not that it is least important.  On the contrary, a brilliantly creative concept that delivers a relevant message will grab the attention, create emotional engagement and lay the foundation for memorability that will make your message truly stand out.

In reality advertising can be truly, brilliantly creative a small percentage of the time.  Marketing history is littered with failed campaigns that sought creative brilliance (remember Burger King’s “Where’s Herb” disaster?) while really good creative is elusive, but sticks in the memory (Wendy’s “Where’s the beef”).

So by all means, strive for brilliance.  But make sure you understand your audience, are relevant and focused on the most important communication point.  These things can be done 100% of the time and still give you a fighting chance to get your message through the clutter.

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