Direct Mail Done Right: A 3 Step Integrated Approach

Direct Mail Done Right: A 3 Step Integrated Approach

Are you worried that your direct mail is falling flat? Do you wonder if your audience is simply tossing your advertising dollars in the trash without a second glance? As digital marking grows, we often hear that print marketing is more and more irrelevant.

However, a study in 2014 showed that 70% to 80% of consumers open their mail (direct mail), even if they consider it “junk mail”, and they also spend 28% more at your stores than those reached by electronic advertising only. In fact, studies show that consumers enjoy receiving mail in person and find it more personal than a simple email. So how can you make this information work for you and know whether it’s worth your money? Create an integrated digital and print marketing strategy.

Track Your Results

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is the ability to track your results. With custom URL links and analytics, businesses can know which pages and calls to action are engaging their audience. However, we also know that consumers are becoming less attentive to online-only marketing. The solution? Send out a direct mail piece that gives a simple and succinct call to action that drives your audience online.

For example, you could send out a mailer that entices customers to visit your website to download exclusive coupons or let them enter a raffle for a free giveaway. The message should be as simple as possible on the direct mail so that your audience has clear instructions, then you can share a little bit more about your company on the online platform. And since you’ll be able to track the number of hits to this webpage and how long people stay there, you’ll know how many people are reading your direct mails and whether they are following up or not!

Create More Opportunities for Engagement

Direct mailings are a great stepping-stone to reach your audience, but online platforms give your company more opportunity to engage with your customer in the mediums they are comfortable with, such as Facebook Messenger and email. The solution? Use direct mail to reach your audience initially for a new campaign, then follow up with email and targeted online ads.

To entice your audience to visit your online platforms, you need to offer them a good reason. Like previously shown, you can offer them an exclusive opportunity but only if they go online. Another way is to make their life easier, such as pre-authorization for special financing from your website. Just remember, you don’t want to give away everything on a direct mail piece. Leave something that you can offer only through digital platforms so you know which advertisements are reaching your audience best, plus it will persuade your audience to connect with your business in multiple ways.

Use Direct Mail to Initiate Interactive Marketing

What’s the best way to get the most bang for your marketing buck? Let your consumers do the marketing for you! If you can come up with a way for your customers to share your promotions or campaigns on their own digital platforms, it’s as if they are advertising for you, for free! For example, a Utah-based digital marketing agency used their annual holiday card to launch an entire campaign by sending a twenty-dollar bill with their card, plus a QR code that directed the recipient to YouTube. This led them to a video of their staff thanking them for their business, and then asking that they use the $20 to do something nice for someone else during the holiday season. People could then share their act of kindness using the hashtag #20helps.

People were sharing photos and stories on Twitter and Facebook, and many of them tagged the company in their posts. This helped the company showcase their core values while letting their loyal customers spread the word for them.

Print is not dead. The statistics and the results show this again and again. However, print can be unpredictable if used by itself. Creating a digital and print marketing strategy that combines the strengths of both medias allows businesses to track results, engage with their audience, and kickoff interactive campaigns. That’s smart marketing in the digital age.

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