Dedicated Mattress Advertising

Ignite your marketing with mattress-dedicated advertising and online traffic to drive sales

Bedding is Booming: As expected, bedding and mattresses continue to be a very strong category among retailers. It’s also a sure-fire category to leverage some old-school media to help drive results. Utilize newspaper ads and circulation distribution via the newspaper to help drive traffic into your store and deliver sales for bedding.

Check Out the Improvements for Clients with Dedicated Mattress Advertising:

Notice the Disparity in Improvement for Clients without Dedicated Mattress Advertising:

Since you can see old-school media has the power to drive up sales and increase in-store traffic, it’s time to take a dynamic new approach to generate even more growth. This starts by using old-school media to drive your customer to your new-school sites, such as Facebook and websites.

By doing this you will:

Drive your customers to your website where they can browse your entire inventory and even shop online

Capture email subscribers, names and phone numbers

Offer online only coupons and incentives to drive customers directly into your store

Get more bang for your buck by utilizing fewer resources, like a website and Facebook page

How can I use new media to improve sales at the retail level? There are two simple steps:

  1. Use a concise message and direct call to action to drive customers to your online store
  2. Utilize analytics and other tracking tools to gauge the effectiveness of your online campaign, which in turn will allow for accountability and adaptation to occur.

Although driving customers to your website and tracking them seems simple enough, there are three pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Don’t rely solely on digital media. There are numerous resources available that allow you to reach your targeted audience. Don’t always rely on pay per click. Trust us you can’t out spend Ashley and Amazon.
  2. Your website or social media campaign must offer a tangible benefit to the consumer. Online traffic alone can’t justify the cost of a website. You must offer the customer something in return to drive them into your store and generate a transaction.
  3. Your message must be unique and stand out from all other messages in your marketplace.

What’s Your Website Grade?


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