Direct Mail Done Right: A 3 Step Integrated Approach

Direct Mail Done Right: A 3 Step Integrated Approach Are you worried that your direct mail is falling flat? Do you wonder if your audience is simply tossing your advertising dollars in the trash without a second glance? As digital marking grows, we often hear that print marketing is more and more irrelevant. However,

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Increase the effectiveness of your advertising messages

OK, put yourself in your prospects’ shoes.  You’re immersed in technology and checking multiple devices almost non-stop for both entertainment and business purposes.  And you still enjoy the big screen TV experience at home and might even read a couple special interest magazines to keep up on topics of intense interest.  In the process

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The Return of the Printed Catalogue

Think about the last time someone in your family made a purchase that wasn’t groceries or a basic essential: clothing, accessories, books, movies, electronics, etc… Now picture the days or hours leading up to that purchase. What inspired them to buy that item? Did the purchase take place online, in store, or over the phone?

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Integrate Your Online Marketing and Traditional Advertising

Internet marketing is the talk of the industry. How to increase search, be number one on Google, retarget ads, convert social to sales, etc. These are all important practices for any retailer, and consistent effort in these areas will help you improve and reach wider audiences. However, focusing on just one aspect of marketing in

Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion Across Platforms

I recently received an email blast advertising a shoe sale on a well-known shoe website. I didn’t think I needed new shoes (WHAT?!) and deleted the email. A few days later I found out about a business trip and decided I wanted to find a red pair of shoes. I didn’t have the email handy,

18% Of Consumers Watch Online Content Daily…On Their TV Sets

How do you access your online content?  If you’re like the overwhelming majority of people you watch online videos and other content on your laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet.  However, a new study reveals that more and more people are watching online content on their television sets. NPD DisplaySearch reports, “18% of consumers surveyed

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