A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing is not just about flashy ads and funny commercials, it’s about setting goals and achieving tangible results. A campaign offers measurable indicators of those results, but only if it is set up for success. Here’s what R&A does every day to create successful marketing campaigns for its clients: Define the Goals The first step

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Retail furniture store showroom traffic patterns are changing. Are you changing with them?

Everyone knows that technology has changed lives and the way business is done forever.  One of the business changes for retail furniture stores you may have overlooked is what is happening to store traffic. Many furniture store owners have been puzzled by statistics that show reduced showroom traffic while experiencing strong sales.  It’s really no

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Must-do Advertising Strategies for 2018

Though it now seems like the prehistoric age, it wasn’t long ago that network TV (depending on your age you may or may not remember when there were only 3 stations) dominated the media landscape and major city newspapers provided nearly blanket local market coverage.  Ah, the simple, good old days!  As you look

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Does Your Business Really Need a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is important for big and small business alike.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated. You plan your vacation.  You plan a shopping trip.  You probably even plan tonight’s dinner.  Big business or small, if you want to grow you need a plan for that too. Small business owners in particular

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Push or pull marketing strategy? Maybe you need both…..

When it comes to marketing there are 2 very basic core strategies.  Push marketing which focuses on the sales and distribution functions and pull marketing which focuses on the end user.  I would contend most marketers need to do both.  Here’s why. More sales occur when end users learn of an offering that provides

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Agency or in-house: building the best marketing team for your needs

This has been a topic of discussion literally for decades.  And for good reason…there is no single answer.  The best team is the team that meets the needs of the organization. The most critical factor is resource allocation.  For active marketers with a variety of needs, building an in-house marketing department requires a substantial

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Why Do-It-Yourself Marketing in 2017 Can Actually Hurt Your Business

Hiring a person to do all of your marketing in-house, or even worse, trying to do it all by yourself may seem like a slam dunk for your company. It can cost less, you can make sure that everything is done just the way you want it, and you know your company better than

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Increase the effectiveness of your advertising messages

OK, put yourself in your prospects’ shoes.  You’re immersed in technology and checking multiple devices almost non-stop for both entertainment and business purposes.  And you still enjoy the big screen TV experience at home and might even read a couple special interest magazines to keep up on topics of intense interest.  In the process

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Creating Solid Marketing Strategies

Before you dive deep into reading you’re probably going to ask yourself throughout the blog why do we keep referring to a furniture store? Well R&A Marketing is a full-service advertising agency specializing in furniture retail and creating dynamic marketing strategies. This focus and energy brings a uniquely deep set of skills to the independent

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