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Navigate the Fine Line Between Authentic and Professional in Digital Advertising

Some businesses thrive on social media… and some businesses flop. The difference is usually that the first business uses an authentic voice that has a lot of personality while the second sounds like a robot programmed by an economics professor. But here’s the catch: sometimes a business can go overboard and end up sounding unprofessional

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Retail furniture store showroom traffic patterns are changing. Are you changing with them?

Everyone knows that technology has changed lives and the way business is done forever.  One of the business changes for retail furniture stores you may have overlooked is what is happening to store traffic. Many furniture store owners have been puzzled by statistics that show reduced showroom traffic while experiencing strong sales.  It’s really no

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What is pre-roll advertising?

Pre-roll advertising is online video ads that automatically appear before content selected by a user.  We’ve all seen them…click on an interview you want to watch and a promotional message appears first.  Remarkably, almost half of users watch these messages to the end even though they have an option to skip it after the first

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3 Things that Determine Your Local Ranking on Google

Location, Location, Location! If you own a small business that is dependent on local customers, you need to think about SEO differently than a large company with widespread reach. While industry giants can focus on generic keywords and use their name-brand recognition to rank higher on Google, local businesses need to hone in on

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Digital Advertising: Mobile Or Desktop?

If you are asking yourself this question, congratulations!  It means you are beginning to understand that there are differences in the way digital advertising messages are consumed based on the device that delivers the message.  The marketplace gives you a good indication of the trends.  In 2016 total digital advertising budgets increased a robust 22%

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A social media manager is a necessity…not a luxury

Every business, large or small, now recognizes online marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  But not every company has recognized the need to create a staff position to manage this important marketing function.  The question is…why?  Some say “I’m not sure we need a social media manager”.  Some say “We can just

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What Are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them?

Let’s say that you’ve done a fantastic job of creating a great website that is user friendly and adheres to good SEO practices. Job well done, right? Well, not just yet. Once you have built a solid website, it’s important that other well-respected websites confirm that you have worthwhile content for Google to recognize. Think

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