Are Your Sure About Your Website Security?

You could be putting your business at risk if you aren't confident in the maintenance and security of your website. Without taking proper precautions, your customer's private data could be subject to a data breach. This can come back to hurt your company in a big way. Here's what you can do to prevent a

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Online shopping won’t “kill” retail, but has changed it forever. Here’s how brick and mortar retailers can take advantage.

Savvy retailers don’t look at the growth of online sales as a reason to turn out the lights and lock the door.  On the contrary…they see opportunities to leverage online activity to improve their businesses. In the not-so-distant past consumers had to go to a store to buy what they wanted.  Even if inconvenient, time

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Increase Website Traffic Using Guaranteed Methods

It's not enough anymore to build a website with a couple of pages about your company and wait for the visitors to start showing up. Driving website traffic has become an art form that requires a combination of technology and marketing know-how. In order for Google to correctly catalogue a blog or website, certain steps

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Digital-savvy consumers are changing local retail landscape

In 2013 a Shoppertrak  retail study showed that holiday store traffic dropped 55% while same store sales for the time period actually increased over prior year.  What’s up with that?  The simplest way to explain it is that yesterday’s “window shopping” foot traffic is now digital using smartphones, laptops and desk top computer searches. When

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Website Design Options for a Brand New Small Business

An arm, a leg, your first-born child... some website design businesses want you to believe that you need to sacrifice the world to get a competitive website for your new small business. They tell you that you'll need a super-cool, ultra-modern logo, pages of top-notch content, attention grabbing images, plus blog articles and social media links. Well,

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