Improving Your Potential Reach with Social Media Marketing

We stress all the time the importance of social media marketing for building your brand and delivering your news, products and services to your adoring fans, but social media can actually underperform in some situations especially as your network grows.  It is times like these when you can fall back on your tried and true

Wondering Where to Focus Your Social Energy?

Social networking and social sharing have become full time positions in businesses across the land as more and more industries realize that the way to succeed is to connect with the people of the world. Large corporations have the money to hire individuals to oversee, manage and interact on every social network in the park,

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Have you considered a mobile marketing campaign? Facts are facts; there are more people in the world that own a cell phone than a toothbrush (source: Mobile Marketing Association of Asia). Below are some pros and cons of mobile marketing that you may consider as you decide whether a mobile campaign is right for you.

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How To Find Locals To Follow On Twitter

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as someone in the social media industry is “how the heck do I use Twitter?” For any business that has a brick and mortar location and does not sell online, there are very effective (and easy!) ways to use this online tool to benefit your business

Facebook Insights Explained Pt2 – Negative Feedback

Oh the dreadful horror of negative feedback on Facebook! It’s hard enough to get your customers to engage with your business, but not engaging at all is better than negative engagement. If you’re not aware of Facebook’s Negative Feedback insight, then you are probably asking yourself, “How is that possible?” It’s possible because Facebook considers

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7 ways to successfully promote your Facebook contest

Running a contest on Facebook is a powerful and effective approach in building buzz, awareness, and engagement as well as generating more fans. As beneficial as it may seem, Facebook contests can only be effective if it is properly promoted. Just as managing a Facebook page is not as simple as people think, running a

Facebook rolls out ‘want’ button for brands

It’s one thing to like something. It’s another to want it. And soon on Facebook, you’ll be able to express that desire when it comes to a variety of products. Facebook is calling it Collections, and it is apparently a response to Pinterest’s growing popularity. "People will be able to engage with these collections and

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Adjusting Your Social Media For Facebook’s Business Timelines

The current complaint around the water cooler in most social media marketers cube is the change of Facebook book fan pages to the infamous and not quite so popular Timeline.  On a personal page, the Timeline is a great way to organize your life events and really just create your own story, but for businesses,

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Turn Facebook engagement into a content rocket with these 3 steps

Jim Walter is the proud father of a young girl with autism. And a social media evil genius. Sort of. During a recent trip to Target, he discovered that the retailer hired an employee with symptoms similar to his daughter’s. Inspired, Jim turned to Target’s Facebook page to commend management for its impressive decision to

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