I’ve Joined the Social Wave—Now What?!

Answers to the social media questions keeping you up at night… You’ve jumped into the social media pipeline, created a Facebook page, sent out a Tweet and pinned every delicious cupcake recipe you have found. Now what? We’ve got the answers to three social media questions keeping you up at night (cause that’s all you think

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So You Have Joined the Social Phenomenon: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, But Now What?

In today’s world, if your not involved in a social community it is almost as if you do not exist as a business.  However, it is more than just creating profile for your company and being there.  Businesses must be an active member in these communities in order to be heard. But how does one

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24 Ideas to Rock Your Social Media Content Strategy

We are living in the social mediaage of instant gratification.  Whether it’s Facebook, Google or the latest tweet; answers to our most pressing questions have never been more readily available. The Internet has become the go-to resource for content, but wading through the social muck can be a challenge and understanding where to to begin

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Awesome new Foursquare feature for businesses

Foursquare will start letting businesses capitalize on the enthusiasm of customers who’ve checked in repeatedly by rolling out a way to message them, starting today. Through the “local updates” tool, businesses can send their updates to a pool of users who will be picked by Foursquare’s algorithm based on the frequency and recency of their

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5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Fans Feel Special

You already know that your social media fans are responsible for much of your success. They spread the word, earn you revenue through referrals, and often are paying customers and become lifelong fans of your brand. Rewarding your fans is a great way to show how much you appreciate their role in your success. Though

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Two Steps Back

Is it a customer disconnect or a retailer disconnect? Ask anyone inside the furniture industry their opinion of the “progressiveness” of the industry and they’ll probably say, “It’s two steps behind everyone else.” Ask a potential customer how far behind the furniture industry is and their answer will probably be, “I don’t know, I haven’t

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4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Website Traffic

Jason Crawford, president of the Parts and Service division of Block Imaging, was upstaged by his six-year-old daughter. In her ponytailed debut on the Block Blog, Crawford asked her, “Madeleine, do you know how to fix a laser aimer?”, to which she confidently replied, “Yes!” The pair then demonstrated with charming aplomb a simple troubleshooting

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Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion Across Platforms

I recently received an email blast advertising a shoe sale on a well-known shoe website. I didn’t think I needed new shoes (WHAT?!) and deleted the email. A few days later I found out about a business trip and decided I wanted to find a red pair of shoes. I didn’t have the email handy,

4 Ideas for Better Social Media Measurement

Although the social space has rapidly matured over the last decade-plus, social media measurement remains a mystery for many. This mystery is due to two main factors. One is the fact that understanding off-site social activity, where marketers lack a data set as robust as they receive on their own website, is a challenge. The

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